Uvodne predstavitve/Introductory presentations

Apart from typical ethical questions related to the academia also is the issue of a broader contribution of the scientists to the community should be addressed. There have been quite a vivid discussion related to the academia's contribution to the economy. At this round table, however, let us talk about personal ethics and contribution of the academics to the society.


Rasto Ovin

Summarises the conclusions of the round table and thanks the participants for their contributions.

Predgovor/ Foreword

Prof. dr. Rasto Ovin, dekan DOBA Fakultete

After almost 25 years of independence it is high time to assess the the universities' top researches' contribution to a better every day living of the home population. The promotion system is heavily concentrated on publishing top research abroad. Here absent is the mission of top researchers to perform as a members of a society thus enabling minimum return of investment by the society.

Pozdravni nagovor/Greetings to the participants

Jasna Dominko Baloh, direktorica DOBA

The DOBA Business School is striving to be a forum of new knowledge. This round table mission is to join the opinions and proposals of some the Slovenian top researchers and thinkers.

Podelitev priznanja DOBA Fakultete »Doba prihodnosti«/The DOBA Prihodnosti Award

Jasna Dominko Baloh, direktorica DOBA skupine

The DOBA Group has been around for 25 years now. At this opportunity, we decided to grant the acknowledgement to a Slovenian company proving to be not only one with a considerable tradition but has also attracted new knowledge and turned it into their competitive advantage. The prize »Era of the Future« goes to Maribor Company PRIMAT – a company producing metal safes.