Mednarodno inovativno poslovanje

The Journal of Innovative Business and Management is a journal for the exchange of knowledge and ideas of teachers, students, associates and other interested experts who are in one way or another connected to DOBA Faculty.

In line with the school’s vision, mission and strategy, we try to develop it in the direction of becoming a broader and internationally recognised forum for the exchange of knowledge and best practices. For this reason, we strive to enforce the standards of renowned journals in the field that we cover. The first step was the appointment of an international editorial board. Internationally acclaimed experts participate in anonymous reviews, a process, which is absolutely more complex than the previous editorial review proceedings. The purpose of this change is not to eliminate papers that perhaps may not fulfil the journal’s mission, but to offer them an opportunity for their authors to discuss improvements to their texts with the reviewers. This is an established academic practice that has helped numerous, especially younger authors, to find acclaim in the academic community with their papers.

The Journal of Innovative Business and Management is not only a forum for scientific and professional articles. We will also be happy to publish case studies, book presentations or responses to published papers. We especially invite DOBA students to work with their tutors in their final papers and offer the journal research results from the preparation of these papers for publication. The journal attributes special importance to the publication of professional achievements of our and other associates, who focus on studies and presentations in pedagogical innovations and best practices of the field.

In addition to trying to make the journal a widely accepted scientific and professional journal, we therefore strive for the papers to best illustrate all activities of our school and to present the achievements of our teachers, students and associates.

Professor Dr Rasto Ovin,