Sustainability Is What Matters Most

  • Prof. Dr. Boris Cizelj KEN, Knowledge Economy Network, Av. Lloyd George 7, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Keywords: sustainability, networks, network of networks


Over centuries, but even more intensely since mid-20th century, in all domains of business, society and politics, we are witnessing reducing levels of sustainability. For decades, the environmentalists are warning us that our habitat is increasuingly becoming polluted, biodiversity being reduced, and soon half of world population will have problems in accessing clean water – a vital condition for healthy life. Socio-economic differentiation has reached unprecedented dimensions, middle classes have virtually disappeared, and quality of political leadership leaves much to be desired. Supported by the dominant economic doctrine on permanent GDP growth, and financial oligarchs' responsibility recognised only to corporate shareholders, is leaving no space for socially responsible corporate management. Many people feel helpless, but in spite of actively reacting and demanding change, they do not even participate in elections. Ironically, this is happening in times when people are more educated than ever before in history, with powerful science, research and technology – including ITC, which would allow us to productively interact, inspire, exchange experiences, and build critical mass around demands for badly needed changes. This is exactly the objective of the new Sustainability Network of Networks, expected to connect numerous groups around the globe – trying to introduce new, sustainable approaches to current economic and socio-political problems. With this new programme the Knowledge Economy Network, KEN (est. in Brussels as a non-profit association in 2011) is going to contribute to changes needed to achieve more sustainability in various areas of public and private domain.


* This is a shorter version of the report prepared last month by KEN Secretariat for the Task Force created to evaluate the proposal for the Sustainability Network of Networks – a new programme of Knowledge Economy Network, KEN.
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