New Solutions for Digital Advertising: Gen Y Playing Roles of Personas

  • Dr. Mateja Mahnič self-employed in culture, pedagogue, writer and editor, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Keywords: persona, real-life data, Gen Y, creativity, trends & innovations in mar


In this article we continue our interest in generation Y, Millennials, abbreviated Gen Y As we assumed, we confirm with a short survey that they are really innovative and creative. In that article we proved Gen Y’s creativity with using methodology of international survey on DOBA’s online student’s bachelors’ courses of Advertising Campaigns. For these student’s creativity overwhelmingly meant Original/Different/ Unique (64,28 %), therefore we assumed that they were the right personas - first persons to share creative products/services further. This hypothesis was confirmed in a case study in which students play personas. We recommended that our students design persona with characteristics of one of their team-mates, on real-life data. The results of this case study were useful innovations for promoting online study of DOBA Faculty. With this method we could turn business models into reality and make them interesting and worthy of buying from modern consumers. Our practical implications are that a smart company/business/entrepreneur/ creative industry should involve Millennials as their key persona when preparing their advertising campaigns, especially on social networks with its interpersonal relations. This solution could strengthen and empower their link with consumers and increase their profits.


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