Dear readers of the Journal of Innovative Business and Management, we are delighted to present to you the new June issue of the XVth volume.

We are pleased that the journal continues to support the important growth goals of DOBA Business School, an area that is increasingly significant to all of us. The dissemination of research findings is increasingly setting apart higher education institutions based on their success, making the contribution of the journal an excellent opportunity to join in the celebration of DOBA Business School's 20th anniversary and the achievements that we commemorate this year. On this occasion, the journal has become more open to contributions in the Slovene language, although English remains the primary language of the journal. It is also important to us that the journal reflects the profile of the faculty and its study programs. This orientation is evident in the articles in this issue, where we find contributions from the field of one of the faculty's fundamental profiles – marketing. Additionally, the issue covers areas such as education, new technologies, economic policy, innovation, and banking. We also feature student contributions that specifically focus on the experiences of the younger generation in the fields of behavior and technology. The creation and publication of this issue have been greatly supported by the editorial board members, Dr. Suzana Herman and Technical Editor Tatjana Gorjup Hlade.

Prof. Dr. Rasto Ovin


Published: 2023-07-03