Dear Readers of the November issue of the Journal of Innovative Business and Management,

On the occasion of the twelfth anniversary of its publication, this autumn issue marked the end of two years of publishing the renewed Journal of Innovative Business and Management (MIP=JIBM). We switched to the OJS platform for managing the journal, expanded the circle of reviewers outside the membership of the International advisory and editorial board, and expanded the individual issue of the journal from 5-6 papers to ten papers. We are grateful to the authors from the international academic community and also to the Slovenian authors for your interest in publishing your original research findings in our journal. It is because of you that we can justifiably expect that next year we will have even better opportunities to further improve our connection with internationally important indexed bibliographic databases. However, it seems that this future has already begun, as the present journal was also included in the list of the American international scientific indexing database SIS a week before the publication of this issue. Any such improvement gives our journal and, of course, the contributions of its authors additional weight in the international community. So - thank you for your contributions, we look forward to new ones as well.

Prof. Dr. Rasto Ovin, Managing Editor od the MIP=JIBM

Published: 2020-11-04

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