Factors influencing consumer purchase behaviour when buying superfoods

  • Željka Pećanin
  • prof. dr. Tina Vukasović DOBA Business School, Prešernova ulica 1, Maribor, Slovenia
Keywords: superfood, consumer behaviour, consumer purchase decisions, buying factors


The article provides up-to-date information on consumers’ attitudes towards superfoods. The study analyzed consumers’ behaviours and researched their awareness when deciding to buy superfoods. We explored mutual correlations between selected purchasing factors and their impact on consumer purchase decisions when buying superfoods in Slovenia. We conducted quantitative research, a survey with an online questionnaire (by snowball principle), which has shown that two most important buying factors related to superfoods are consumers’ care for their health and nutritional properties of superfoods, because consumers believe they have a positive effect on health. Our research also indicated that superfoods consumers typically consider imported superfoods to be of better quality than indigenous ones, thus, they are willing to pay a 10-20% higher price for the imported superfoods.


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