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Vol 15 No 2 (2023)

Dear readers of the Journal of Innovative Business and Management

We are presenting you with the November volume of the JIBM, meaning second volume of 2023. Again, we hope you will find enough interesting reading for your field of study and research. We are glad that in this volume we could include case studies. Although this art of publication has been part of our mission, it was not easy to find the authors whose works would correspond to the quality level we wish to maintain. Representing study case of company and due to their volume, we together with the author agrees to publish them in four separate units. Other contributions typically refer to the field that DOBA Business School is covering with its teaching and research. We also hope that the contributions in this volume will trigger other authors from universities, institutes and businesses in the region to present us with their research. Of course, we are also interested in attracting researchers from different fields covered by the JIBM to act as reviewers and are glad that some of the readers have already shown interest in joining the team.

Preparation of this volume required endeavors by the whole editorial team. However especially I would like to co-editor dr. Suzana Herman and technical editor Tatjana Gorjup Hlade. Last but not least let me thank also with the colleagues who acted as reviewers in this volume.

Prof. Rasto Ovin, Ph.D.


Published: 2023-12-01
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