Dear friends and readers of the Journal of Innovative Business and Management

On the journal's website you can as from today find the articles of the journal's June 2022 number. We decided to bring the contributions which made it through the review process on time immediately. Others still in process will complete the number when ready.

In this number we have been lucky to gather all possible forms of contributions. So here you will find scientific articles, professional articles, case study and interview with another internationally important personality connected with the journal. For the first time in the journal we are also including editorial, bringing the view of an internationally established researcher. You will find also articles prepared with the cooperation with students: we are especially proud that we could bring the first article prepared completely by one of our doctoral student.

This number was possible through anbother great personal engagement of the editor Suzana Herman. We both thank to Tatjana Gorjup Hlede for technical assistance with preparing of this issue.

Prof. Rasto Ovin Ph.D.
Editor in chief

Published: 2022-06-30